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Welcome to Hull PorchFest, Alana Sweic

Hull resident Alana Sweic joins the Hull PorchFest Planning Committee.

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Thank You Nantasket Hull Chamber of Commerce!

The HPF Committee presented to an assembly of the Nantasket Hull Chamber of Commerce on February 14 at the Nantasket Resort.  Click below to learn more...

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What is Hull PorchFest?

Hull PorchFest was inspired by the many successful music festivals staged in MA communities (and beyond) to bring citizens together in a new and fun way.  Local bands and performers play free sets on porches, driveways, front yards and on other unique performance sites around town..  September 8, 2018 will bring the inaugural Hull PorchFest to Hull's Kenberma shopping district and adjacent neighborhoods...and beyond!

Hull PorchFest's goal is to strengthen community bonds, highlight the thriving Hull music and arts community, provide economic benefit to local businesses and to grow as a source of philanthropic benefit to worthy local causes

(Photo Credit:  Bill Tobin Photography).

When ​is Hull PorchFest?

Saturday, September 8, 2018

A schedule will be released a few days before the event due to inevitable last moment changes as the event nears.  We want to assure the least possible risk of confusion for festival goers related to performers and performance times. A few weeks before the event we should be able to publish what neighborhoods will be performing at what times.

(Photo Credit: Bill Tobin Photography)

Where is Hull PorchFest?

The inaugural Hull PorchFest performance sites will be centered in the Kenberma shopping district and adjacent neighborhoods including Kenberma Street, Kingsley Street, Massassoit Ave, Revere Street and Monument Square Park.

Additional neighborhoods may be added as demand for "porches"/performance sites dictates

Please click here  or at [email protected] to inquire about performing or hosting a performance site on your porch, front yard or driveway.

How can I support Hull PorchFest?

Hull PorchFest is a free event run by volunteers.  But, that doesn't mean there aren't costs to market, advertise and stage the festival.  We value and appreciate any financial support we receive from festival goers and sponsors so that we can assure a fun, safe and enjoyable event for many years to come.  

You can donate using the link below, Hull PorchFest is a non-profit 501c3 organization (PENDING).   For tax-deductible donations, we will announce in the near future our attaining our federal 501c3 status.

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To donate by mail, make checks payable to "Hull PorchFest" and send it to: PorchFest Quincy C/O: Tom Hardey, 27 Holbrook Ave, Hull, MA 02045

What does Hull PorchFest look like?
Here's a sample.